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Gael practices improv for almost 10 years in Strasbourg and he is member, co-founder and the director of La Carpe Haute. Now, he teaches improv every week and loves it! He created many workshops (short or intensive) in French and English, using his experience on stage (national and international) and from the teachers he met (Joe Bill, Patti Styles, Will Luera, Lee White, Anders Fors, Rance Rizzutto, Matthieu Loos, Kaci Beeler, etc.). He travelled in Europe and world during the past few years (New York, Barcelona, Berlin, Atlanta, Moscow, Athens, Brussels, Göteborg, Boston, Amsterdam, etc.), performing and teaching, and found a thousand ways to improvise. His dream was to combine it to be a multifaceted crystal of improv! Now, he tries to share around the world that way of acting, kindly and silly, emotive and crazy.

Cédric has been playing improv for nearly 10 years in different companies in Strasbourg, and he’s a member and co- founder of La Carpe Haute. His idea of improv is to share and learn as much as you can, that’s why he has been travelling around Europe playing, learning and teaching. Back home, he gives courses on a regular basis, and specific workshops on the topics he loves. His style and the one of La Carpe Haute could be described as explosive, sincere, physical and silly. He loves clown and playing with the body, so he tries to bring that in his way of teaching.

Together they are Two Brothers on an Adventure. They began improv together 10 years ago, they used to study together, live together, they go in holidays every year together, they created la Carpe Haute together and they tour the world together! So, as they both love physical improv, they created that duoshow to extend their friendship on stage. Now, the question they ear from years makes sense: “Are you brothers?


Kaisa and Julia have improvised together for six years, studied improv at the iO Chicago together and music at the University of Jyväskylä – once again together! They have the pleasure of being part of one of the longest running improvisational theatres in Finland, Improvisaatioteatteri JOO! In addition to JOO! Kaisa and Julia have established their own duo, Kaisa & Julia, that concentrates on two-person shows with a musical twist. All the years spent as co-improvisers, student buddies, work colleagues and close friends forms a unique connection between these two. This makes them a dynamic duo, both as improvisers and singers.


Improvisation theater Intopiukeet, Vaasa, Finland, was founded in 2006. They have done different types of improv and the main focus has been on long and short forms. This has included all from comedy to drama. Intopiukeet has a great variety of actors and musicians and the group has got training from international and national instructors and visited in several international improv festivals.